• High Performance Batteries that will outlast the chassis.
  • Clean Electric Power now to do the jobs of today and tomorrow.

Battery Electric Equipment allows a mine to unlock a trifecta of benefits: improved health and safety, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and a staggering reduction in operating cost.

Each horsepower of diesel engine underground requires 100 cubic feet per minute pumped down underground. Depending on the cost of electricity at a mine, that can run about $100,000 on average per machine, just in ventilation costs. Going electric eliminates that cost. Read more here.

ALTDRIVE is the most sophisticated and safest means to achieve these benefits. It was primarily created as a powertrain for large haulage equipment but is being adapted to development equipment and smaller utility equipment as well.

ALTDRIVE meets and exceeds all relevant mining and construction standards including the “GMSG Recommended Practices for Battery Electric Vehicles in Underground Mining”.


While we have had great success already in the Mining space we expect to have an even larger impact with the use of our Technology and our Provisional Patent for Large Heavy Haul Truck Electrification. We have already completed a preliminary study on the use of our technology on Haul Trucks for Underground Mining Larger than 40 Tonnes and are now looking to develop the first units.

Typical 40-50 Underground Mining Tonne Haul Truck Specifications:

  • 200,000 GVW
  • 575Hp
  • Fuel Consumption: 60,000 gal of Diesel Annually
  • *Ventilation Required: 25,700 CFM

*These ventilation rates are recommended by CanmetMINING where some of the gases govern ventilation rates rather than the EQI criterion. (


The well-publicized GOLDCORP Borden Lake (All Electric) project will need approximately 6 of these trucks which would mean ~3,654 Tonnes of CO2/Annually saved in GHG emissions and approximately $400,000.00 in ventilation savings per truck.


  • Battery Electric is proven and available now to replace diesel-electric fleets in Mining and Construction
  • The savings for electric are staggering and are making new and deeper deposits a reality.
  • The health and safety benefits of an Electric system will create a better operating environment for your operation.



The High-Energy Density / High Cycle Life of the AKASOL NANO Lithium batteries powers the 100% electric ALTDRIVE powertrain. The batteries are stackable and modular and have already been applied to several mining and construction applications. This is a proven technology which eliminates pollutants and significantly reduces operating costs. Furthermore, our systems can be charged in as little as 15 mins.


Where infrastructure limits your ability to go 100% Electric ALTDRIVE can be equipped with several types of range-extenders. This includes proven diesel/CNG generator technology or cleaner hydrogen fuel cell technology. Coupled with our industry best fast charging technology, range-extended vehicles can see up to 25% reduction in overall fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

Note: Fuel Cells still require the consumption of oxygen to operate.


March 1, 2015

Conceptualized first EV MacLeans Bolter (Designed and built first prototype)

October 1, 2015

Verification and Testing of first completed EV Prototype

October 2, 2015

First Major order for Maclean EV Bolters and Scissor trucks.

June 1, 2016

Signed Strategic partnerships with AKASOL, TM4, and Bel Power Systems as official Integrators of their technology in North America for EV Heavy Equipment.

July 1, 2016

Recognized as industry leaders in Mining EV implementation, along with CSA, GMSG, and other mining partners, asked to help pen mining battery implementation and Safety Standards.

August 1, 2016

Deal signed to be the supplier of EV Drive components for GOLDCORP Borden Mine. 6 additional MacLean units procured.

October 1, 2016

Provisional patent granted for Underground EV Haul Truck Technology

March 1, 2017

Deal signed to be supplier of EV Grader Powertrain (Design and Build in-house)